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About Us



Our history and background


Established since 2001, unitednature (Far East) Pte Ltd has been the local importer & distributor for many reputable brands of organic, natural & eco-friendly products from Europe, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan & Australia.

Our organic & natural products are also exported to Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia & Philippines.


With “HEALTH IS WEALTH” in mind always, we strongly believe in the importance of exercising the RIGHT choice by choosing to pay real costs for real foods, obtain greater flavors & better nutrition from the foods that we consume.


We believe that going organic is not just about organic food – it should become a way of life.


Our health is directly related to the quality of the food that we consume, and therefore, we will certainly not compromise for products that are mass-produced at the expense of quality.


At unitednature, we are committed to provide the BEST for one’s health and our ONLY environment.


It is becoming increasingly evident that chronic exposure to chemical pollutants can contribute to deteriorating health problems in our society, and it is our mission to be committed to work with nature to maximize sustainable agriculture without causing any ecological harm or depletion of our resources.

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