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Pharmos Natur

Pharmos Natur





In its holistic composition of Aloe Vera BioUrsaft corresponds to the pure gel of Aloe Vera leaves very special. They grow about 3-5 years in mixed culture. With light and shady trees under optimal climatic conditions. In this way, the active ingredients can fully develop and especially mint “stress-free”. 



The bio-photon measurement by the physicist Prof. Albert Popp (3 *) shows this very clearly. The plants have the incredible ability to take a lot of light to store it in their cells and then pass it on to the body cells. Light in a holistic sense of today’s quantum physics means vi


tality and youthfulness to the cells. Light receiving means of the cells to slow down the aging process.

In 25 years of pioneering research and medicinal plants and the cooperation with physicians in hospitals and practices, physicists, biologists, naturopaths, has been shown to:



  1. The right to the highest quality.

  2. It shall be implemented by careful hand work in skiving of the precious gel from the leaves

  3. Perfect additives unnecessary.

  4. receipt of holistic drug network

  5. Includespiritual ways of working In practical application, which is by its strengthening and regenerating effect on the skin  outside and inside significantly. 




The Aloe Vera BioUrsaft is a real life health agent. On the physical level, it helps the immune system to come into balance. 

On an energetic level, it serves to Reiniging the chakras. 

He leadsall “the out of the body, what does not belong.” 

In many ancient traditions, the Aloe Vera is used as an important medicinal plant in shamanic rituals and purification.

Especially in the energetic cleansing of the heart chakra.

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Our special aloe vera – from Ecuador and Yucatan – is blessed with an incredible treasure of active ingredients. It is the basis of our cosmetics.

Due to its special viscosity, with a unique repair complex, the gel of the Aloe Vera completely penetrates the skin and takes with it all the active ingredients of the precious healing and rejuvenation plants. This effect can be seen and felt on the skin.



On a fertile, healthy soil our aloe vera plants thrive in mixed culture. Evenly warm, humid climate and the special energy of this region make it possible to develop a gel of special viscosity in the course of the growth period, in which rich active substances are stored.


Completely without chemicals, small farmers cherish and care the plants with great care and love. Our cultivation areas are bio certified.


The precious gel is carefully removed from the leaves. PHARMOS NATUR ensures that no leaf bark is used. The subsequent processing of the pure Aloe Vera plant gel takes place with the finest technology in Germany, according to the specially developed PHARMOS NATUR method.

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