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Responsibility for People and Nature

That is the main idea of our family business, since its foundation in 1936. In the long term oriented actions and management, with consideration for people and nature, has a tradition of Voelkel


The following maxim are part of our comprehensive commitment: 

We live TRADITION . … and stand for original natural food juices origin of our family business is the biologically toxicodynamic thought.


Dominated by the agricultural teachings of Rudolf Steiner have the founder, Karl and Margret Voelkel, recognized and practiced this form of agriculture as the most consistently sustainable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable form of management. 


We will actively continue to work to ensure that the Demeter cultivation and cultivation methods of organic associations such as organic in our region and beyond will become widespread. 



Natural food juices since 1936

Voelkel  ~ the name stands for the specialized and traditional production of fruit and vegetable juice in Demeter and organic quality. 


Constantly looking for new compositions, we integrate current nutritional science, connect valuable ingredients enjoyable recipes and put them as natural as possible in order. 


The attachment to the fruit and vegetable growers and our many years of experience in their dealings with natural juices direct guarantee you the proven and estimated Voelkel quality.


Voelkel today

The Company – true traditions and ahead of its time 

In the future, should the tradition of cider Voelkel exist in the form of a family-owned company. In order to meet the economic, environmental and social needs and challenges that the future brings with it justice, family launched the Voelkel Foundation launched in late 2011.


In addition to the company’s development of Voelkel GmbH within the meaning of biodynamic founding idea, the promotion of organic farming Voelkel the Foundation serves regionally and globally.


For the cultivation partner in the field of ecological agriculture Voelkel Foundation is a reliable and fair trade partnership, which will enable them to expand their operations within the meaning of nature and environmental protection and continue. 


For all Voelkel customers an optimal basis is created to be able to enjoy tasty and natural products in organic and Demeter quality in the future and with the consumption of these products to promote life-friendly and sustainable structures.

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