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Hilde Hemmes Capsules –  Prostalobium Plus

Hilde Hemmes Capsules – Prostalobium Plus



~ helps to maintain healthy prostate and urinary tract function

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Hilde Hemmes Capsules - Prostalobium Plus


  • Relieves symptoms of medically diagnosed BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy).                                    

  • Maintains healthy prostate and urinary tract function.


Thousands of men are affected by enlarged prostates and are reluctant to discuss this uncomfortable subject.

Are you one of them?


The gland is located in the male genital area and positioned behind the base of the penis, immediately below the bladder and completely surrounds the urethra (the urinary tube that leads from the bladder to the outside).


It is an important gland of the male reproductive system whose main function is to produce an alkaline fluid. This fluid is secreted continuously, and the excess passes from the body into the urine. The rate of secretion increases greatly during sexual stimulation and the fluid contributes to the bulk of the semen. Proper prostate secretion is thus essential to proper sperm action.


The prostate grows to its normal size, which is about as big as a walnut, when a young man reaches puberty. From 50 years of age a prostate will either shrink (progessive atrophy) or enlarge (nodular hyperplasia).


Most men are totally unaware of the presence of the prostate unless it causes trouble and grows to an excessive size (adenoma). As the prostate is in a confined space and, as it grows, it applies increasing pressure to the urethra and signs of prostate disorder may appear.


ProstaLobium® Plus contains epilobium and saw palmetto.


Epilobium is a traditionally-used western herbal medicine that helps maintain normal prostate and urinary tract function.


Clinical trials using saw palmetto have shown symptomatic relief of medically diagnosed  benign prostatic hypertrophy (benign enlargement of the prostate) such as frequent, difficult, urgent and irregular urination.


Features / Benefits

  1. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

  2. Easy-to-swallow capsules.

  3. 100% vegetable capsule shell.

  4. Two tamper-evident layers.

  5. Free from preservatives, artificial colours, caffeine, yeast, gluten, sugars, alcohol and lactose.

  6. Manufactured to strict pharmaceutical standards and listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).




Each capsule contains extracts equivalent to dried Epilobium parviflorum herb 500 mg and Serenoa repens fruit 800 mg


Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.
Contraindications: children under 12 years.


Content: 120 capsules

Product of Australia


Additional information

Weight 58 kg

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