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Yuan Hao ~ Cocoa Oat Powder

Yuan Hao ~ Cocoa Oat Powder


~ suitable for vegetarians



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Yuan Hao Cocoa Oat Powder


Oats are good sources of protein, vitamin B complex, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and β- glucan and are also rich in soluble dietary fiber.


- Good Source of Proteins

- Oats Can Help to Regulate Cholesterol


The finest oats and Cocoa powder from the raw cocoa beans which have a lot nutrition such as flavonoids and high polyphenol content. It is healthy and does not contain the fat and calories of chocolate.




At Yuan Hao, specially selected fresh ingredients are carefully treated (washed & cleaned) before they are milled. Using low – temperatures and advanced technology to produce the finest foods, Yuan Hao ensures that their raw ingredients are milled and dried with extra care.

No processed sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives are added to ensure that the original nutritional benefits and wholesome taste of the product is well preserved.




Add 2 – 4 teaspoons into hot water.

Best consumed on its own or with other beverages.

Suitable for all from 12 months of age. For infants consumption as a “solid food”, add lesser hot water to thicken the beverage.



Ingredients: Selected fine oats (through international quality certification), cocoa powder, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, brown sugar.

Volume: 850 grams

Product of Taiwan


Additional information

Weight 32 kg

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