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Yogurt DIY Set

Yogurt DIY Set


~ healthy, economical & SIMPLY DELICIOUS!




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Yogurt DIY Set 

Yogurt is a dairy product produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. It can be made from organic cow’s milk, soy milk or even goat’s milk.



Very often, the yogurt that is readily available in most supermarkets tends to contain a very high percentage of sugar, artificial flavoring coloring and preservatives in them in order to enhance their selling point.These in turn will cause  more calories being absorbed when we consume them.



Try making your own yogurt at home. It is a very simple process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete.



Not only is homemade yogurt easy to make, it is also hygienic,economical and healthy, with no sugar and preservatives added and rich in calcium and protein.



Ingredients Used
1 Liter of Milk (preferably organic)
1 Sachet Oligo Culture Powder


Equipment Used
Clean Cloth
Yogi House Yogurt Maker (with glass bottle)
Digital Thermometer





  1. Sterilize the new glass bottle with hot water, after which dry it with a clean cloth.

  2. Pour 1 Liter of Organic Milk into a pot and bring it to warm over a low fire.

  3. Add 1 sachet of Oligo Yogurt Culture Powder into the bottle and stir slowly.

  4. Put the glass bottle into the box and leave it standing for 12 hours. If liquid appears on the top layer of the yogurt after 12 hours, pour it away before chilling it in the refrigerator.



When the temperature reaches about 46 ~ 47 degree Celsius, turn off the fire and let the temperature stabilize at about 47 degree Celcius before pouring the milk into the glass bottle.


Your yogurt is now ready and best consumed within 2 weeks.You may also enjoy your yogurt by adding some toppings like Juice Jam, Honey, fruits, nuts or Fructose for better flavors.




1 Yogurt Maker
1 Oligo Yogurt Culture Powder (20 sachets inside)
1 Digital Thermometer


Oligo Yogurt Culture Powder - Product of Canada
Yogurt Maker / Digital Thermometer - Product of Taiwan


Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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